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Memership Types
Attending: Attending membership is full adult membership of the convention.
Junior: Junior members must be 15 or under on 13th October.
Supporting: Supporting members do not gain entry to the convention, but receive all convention publications. Supporting membership may be upgraded to attending (or junior) at any time by paying the balance.


Membership Rates & Addresses
United Kingdom
Until 1 June 2001 Attending: IR£15
Junior: IR£10
Supporting: IR£5
Attending: UK£13
Junior: UK£9
Supporting: UK£5
Until 1 Oct 2001 Attending: IR£20
Junior: IR£12
Supporting: IR£5
Attending: UK£17
Junior: UK£10
Supporting: UK£5
Paying on door Attending: IR£25
Junior: IR£15
Attending: UK£21
Junior: UK£13
Supporting: UK£5
Addresses Send to: Octocon 2001,
c/o Yellow Brick Road,
8 Bachelors Walk, Dublin 1
Send to: Dave Lally,
64 Richborne Terrace,
London SW8 1AX, England
Payment Make Irish cheques payable to 'Octocon'
Make Sterling cheques payable to 'Dave Lally #2 A/C'